Let's change the way we do Entrepreneur

Hey, entrepreneur what if you can get a salary while doing what you always wanted to do ?

YouthFIN entrepreneur services overview

Entreprneur Startupz

Join Entrepreneur Startupz, this program is designed specially for entrepreneurs to take youth startup to sustainable businesses.

Technology Licencing & Brokering

YouthFIN source and negotiate with technology owners and buyers to help youth entrepreneurs get the latest technologies. Please get in touch with us to find out what technologies we can offer.

School of Entrepreneurs

Online Courses for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We also have a concept we are testing our called Community Education ®. It is qualification on an NQF level for less cost to the student.

Industry Group Chatz

Industry group chatz is a group of random youth entrepreneurs/business/student strangers from different cultures and social groups getting together and discussing topics on how to improve life’s, industries and values. This all gets done over a cup of coffee with a specific topic as focus point. Get heard, meet new people change Africa.

Product Development

Invention - We take inventions on, do you have an idea that can change the world ? Prototype - Getting your invention from paper to product is not always as simple as it seems. Let us help with your prototype. Manufacturing - Manufacture your product in bulk.

Youth Business Management

Get assess to a team of professionals for a monthly retainer fee. Legal, Accounting, Marketing, Sales ect.

Entrepreneur Development

Coaching and mentoring for youth entreprneurs.

Capital Investment

Capital investment into youth owned businesses.

Brand Development

Entrepreneur personal or business brand development. Brand Identity, Logo Design, web design and more....

Public Speaking

We encourage our entrepreneur to give back to the community by life skills preaching in public speaking to schools and universities.

Entrepreneurs Why Us

Because of the 5 wealth inception principals

  • People
  • Community
  • Trust
  • Covenant
  • Honour

The wealth inception principals gives you the Entrepreneur insurance of the values we live up to. Please don’t be part of the family if you are not willing to abide to our principals. Then YouthFIN is not for you.