Let's change the way we do Entrepreneur & Investor

We did not start in fancy offices, with capital investments or the latest Mercedes-Benz vehicle. We started in the streets alongside the people.

How we started

Going from financial institutions to bank to venture capitalist firms through to youth government funding. Getting a no you do not have the experience. No you are too young. We know how it feels to have a dream but no one to back you or even help you to become better. Thus YouthFIN was born. We invest in the entrepreneur, and we look for entrepreneurs with the correct attitude. Someone who wants to be successful for others and not themselves only.

THe Behaviour Guide


To be the world leader linking  investors and youth entrepreneurs.


  • Develop and equip youth entrepreneurs.
  • Joint ownership in youth owned businesses.
  • Create international business relationships.
  • Protect shareholders investment.


Be the link between investors and youth entrepreneurs.

Core Values

People, Community, Trust, Covenant, Honour

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Corporate Governance of YouthFIN

Currently YouthFIN is managed by two directors and is in the process of building a board of different skilled professionals with a passion for the youth.

Corporate Governance of Portfolio Companies

Protfolio companies that we have shares in gets a management team that consist of a variety of skilled professionals. The team form part of the portfolio company’s board and represents YouthFIN’s interest in shareholders meetings. Strategic plans gets planned out and execution gets monitored and recorded on a daily and weekly basis.

Management Technology

YouthFIN management technology is a custom build Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution hosted on our private server.  Our ERP helps us manage effectively and well planned projects gets executed.